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A weekend in Vienna

Posted in - LIFE by esteechan on 31/08/2014

For another kyudo seminar, but this time it’s based in a lovely dojo. Shooting outdoor feels a whole lot different to shooting in a sports hall, especially in the feeling and perception of the matos (targets). The city itself was very pleasant as well. It is indeed the ‘city of music’ what with the many street musicians everywhere we went and young students (many Japanese) carrying instruments in and out of the airport. Pictures of Mozart and Klimt were prominently plastered in every corner and souvenir shop. I liked them at school especially Mozart’s bright and cheerful violin sonatas (my all-time favourite ‘Violin Sonata No.32 in B flat, K454’), and Klimt’s beautifully detailed paint daubs in his garden pieces had been a subject of inspiration in some of my old coursework. As well as art and music, the food there was great too (they are particularly good at making dishes with potatoes!); transport and getting around the city was easy and stress-free (very different to London); amazing classical architecture as expected, and friendly people. A very relaxing city.



See more photos here.


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