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Zombies, Run! nominated | Design Museum

Posted in - DESIGN, - GAME by esteechan on 21/03/2013

Our game Zombies,Run! got nominated by the London Design Museum for the Designs of the Year awards!


Also the sequel Zombies, Run! 2 will be released next month! So please look forward to that – all new artwork, gameplay, story, etc. and plenty more zoms!


New ZR T-shirts

Posted in - DESIGN, - GAME by esteechan on 21/08/2012

Due to the growing success of our game – Zombies, Run!, two new T-shirts have been designed and can now be purchased here! Previous T-shirt design can still be purchased here at a discount price. Currently working on the art and designs for a Season 2, which should be available soon!


Zombies in Oxford Street

Posted in - DESIGN, - GAME by esteechan on 17/07/2012

This was an A1 size art deco-styled promotional poster design I did for the Zombies, Run! app along with the T-shirts based on London’s Oxford Street crossing. You can buy it here!


Zombies, Run! app graphics

Posted in - DESIGN, - GAME by esteechan on 01/03/2012

For the past few months I’ve been working hard with the team at Six to Start on the new game called Zombies, Run!, and finally it was released this week! So happy with the feedback so far as it’s such a cool concept. Also I’m surprised after a friend sent me this link, that people really liked the graphics in it – so thank you! It’s such a nice thing to know in the end :) If you haven’t played it yet – please do!


Ken Wong’s doodle!

Posted in - GAME, - LIFE by esteechan on 05/12/2011

I was so happy to find this old doodle that my talented artist friend – Ken Wong, did for me a long time ago. I remember it was in his illustration workshop during Animex at my first universityabout six years ago! One of his advice for me after seeing my sketchbook was to try and draw characters with ‘thinner’ lines and to build-up form by gentle rendering of these lines. Another one was to draw with the character’s weight/body mass in mind – the balance and strength of their pose have to be convincing. If you haven’t yet seen his amazing artwork yet, you should check it out!


DISTANT WORLDS | Royal Albert Hall, 05.11.11

Posted in - GAME, - LIFE by esteechan on 26/11/2011

Was so happy that they finally came to London to perform! The whole experience felt so magical and surreal – the nostalgic melodies playing against large screens showing classic scenes from each game of the Final Fantasy series; Nobuo Uematsu (植松 伸夫) actually sat right behind us for the first half (was SO CLOSE!); and then the best part was meeting him after the show with Arnie Roth and Susan Calloway. They will be performing there again next year – let’s hope they do some good remixes or tunes from The Black Mages next time!


Haruko and Sora (fanart)

Posted in - ARTWORK, - GAME by esteechan on 26/11/2011

Found these really old sketches I did when I was at my first uni! They are the characters: Haruko (from anime, FLCL) and Sora (from game, Kingdom Hearts):



Six to Start | BBC Panorama

Posted in - GAME, - LIFE by esteechan on 20/12/2010

BBC’s Panorama: Addicted To Games? feature filmed us at Six to Start:

Hideo Kojima & Yoji Shinkawa @ UNIQLO

Posted in - GAME, - LIFE by esteechan on 21/06/2010


UNIQLO | Oxford Street, London | 19.06.10

My brother was there and here are some photos he took!

Asia Game Show ’09 @ HK

Posted in - GAME, - LIFE by esteechan on 26/12/2009

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‘WONDERFUL VIEW’ | Installation concept

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A Present For You! (Nintendogs)

Posted in - ARTWORK, - GAME by esteechan on 15/12/2008

Paper art – Mini DS

Posted in - GAME, - LIFE by esteechan on 12/11/2008

Ah…forgot to post this up a long time ago ;) feast your eyes on the tiny Nintendo DS baby!

[Found the DS template online and made it by folding and some Pritt-sticking! ]

Trippy the rabbit

Posted in - DESIGN, - GAME by esteechan on 10/10/2008

Trippy the rabbit, lives in Trippy Town.

Brainstorming ideas for a game design o_o’…moodboarding…

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